• A passion for innovation, and a bond with those who create it.

  • Alignment with innovators and support for their business endeavors.

  • A passion for innovation, and a bond with those who create it.

  • Alignment with innovators and support for their business endeavors.

Stevens Law Group

Stevens Law Group has earned a strong reputation and has a well-established practice in all areas of intellectual property law. The practice includes the preparation and prosecution of applications for patents and trademarks, post-grant proceedings, patent and trademark licensing, patent and trademark infringement litigation, and outside general counsel services. The firm is dedicated to diversity, inclusion, and empowerment through valuable counsel and advice to entrepreneurs from all walks of life, including individual inventors to Fortune 100 corporations.

Our Clients Reviews

Stevens Law Group represents all types of companies, from bootstrapped start-ups to Fortune 10 corporations, and everything in between. Large or small, we protect our clients’ IP and secure corporate value.

Alex Bronstein
    Alex Bronstein

    May 6, 2009

    Finding a patent lawyer of your dream is probably similar to finding Cinderella among all the maids in the realm. After the first patent Dave filed for us, I understood that my search was over. To me David represents how an ideal patent attorney should be. It has been a pleasure working with Dave and his associates, and the next time I need to protect my IP, without any doubt, he and his firm will be my attorneys of choice.


    Our patent practice group is made up of experienced, passionate attorneys and agents with extensive knowledge of U.S. and International Patent Office procedures. We have extraordinary depth and expertise in technology, and take on clients that require focused and specialized services.

    All of our patent attorneys and agents have degrees in electronics, semiconductor, software, and biotech engineering, and have real-world hands-on experience in these fields. Our technical expertise allows us to understand your technology quickly and communicate easily with your engineering team.



    Built a patent portfolio for a startup and then helped sell off some of their patents to fund their business.

    We built a patent portfolio for a startup that had multiple related product concepts, and kept them divided to preserve their separate value. The company needed capital to fund their key and most promising product, so we sold off a small portion of their patents to a company wanting to build that product. The sale was for over $3M, giving the company plenty of capital to venture on to a successful exit with a popular and valuable product.


    Took a fortune 10 company from few filings per year to hundreds per year.

    We were hired by a large corporation, that only filed a few patent applications, to build out their patent program. We became their in-house experts and triaged all of their technology developed worldwide. The result was a well tuned patent program staffed with professionals to capture their valuable intellectual property well into the future.


    Built a patent portfolio for a startup that sold for $5M without any prototyped product.

    We built a modest patent portfolio for a biometric startup that ran out of money before it could build a prototype or produce any product. The company sold for over $5M based primarily on the patent portfolio.