Trade Secrets

Copyright Law Practice


Protecting and enforcing copyrights are a cornerstone of

many of our client’s business. We have vast experience in this

field—regularly assisting clients to secure global copyright

privileges and ownership of copyright assets, including

assignments from third-parties and independent

contractors, dealing with employee issues, authorship and

joint authorship matters, idea submission and work for hire



We provide strategic advice regarding licensing

copyrighted works, entertainment properties and software,

including counseling clients on open source issues. We also

counsel clients on enforcing copyrights and defending

copyright claims in federal court litigation and appeals

throughout the country and coordinate with domestic and foreign

attorneys to enforce rights and defend claims



Our broad expertise reflects the diverse nature of

copyrightable works.  From hardware and software to life

sciences, we protect and enforce our clients’ copyrights

internationally by registering their rights with the U.S.

Copyright Office.  We also work with attorneys in foreign

countries to register copyrights in those countries, recording

rights with U.S. and foreign customs, helping to identify

possible infringement actions, issuing cease and desist

letters and vigorously litigating on our clients’ behalf. We

also have experience conducting due diligence reviews and

counseling for acquisitions of copyrighted works or

entertainment properties.


We are recognized leaders in the rapidly evolving and

changing fields of online copyrights and social networking,

counseling our clients regarding copyright enforcement and

piracy issues, social media issues, as well as matters under

the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), including

filing and responding to take-down notices, establishing

online enforcement strategies and policies, and compliance

with the DMCA’s safe harbor provisions.